Welcome to NEDT.ch

NEDT’s symbol, the Dhow boat represented survival and prosperity throughout the Arabian Gulf, India, southern Arabia and East Africa; enabling fishing, pearl diving, maintenance of precious water supply and trade of goods and information;  both within the region and with far-reaching commercial contacts.  Built individually by hand and eye, and without drawings, each purpose-specific dhow had its own unique set of aesthetics and bore the mark of its master builder.

NEDT has chosen the symbol of the dhow to represent the enduring concept of trade among nations, and to revitalize the importance of master craftsmen who put their mark on each of our projects; be they consultancies, trade negotiations or the development of socio-economic projects.

NEDT brings together the foremost thinkers and technical experts to build project teams unique to each client’s requirements.  Our ‘master craftsmen’ create individual project solutions and ensure that each project delivers the highest quality at competitive costs and with the most far-reaching impact.